Looking for an eye catching cover for your newest novel or CD?
Want that poster for your next show to really stand out from the crowd?
Need an awesome gift for your awesome friend??

I offer a range of services from freelance illustration to private commissions and portraiture.
Would you like me to create a painting or drawing for you or your product
(game, book or album cover, gig poster, whatever else you can imagine)??

Email me at max@maxmartelli.com for a quote.

A few things to consider...
Please take a moment to review these questions
because the more details you can provide about the project,
the more accurate a quote I can give you.

  • Is there a deadline? What is my timeframe to complete and deliver the artwork?
    Depending on the level of complexity I may need as long as a month or as little as a week.
    (Rush jobs are possible for an added cost)

  • Will the art be published? If so, on what and where?
    What rights are required for use of the image?
    Is there a specific template or product layout I must keep in mind for the final piece?

  • How large does the piece need to be? Are there any size restrictions?
    If the piece is published and printed, what size will it be printed at?

  • How complex is the image? Are there many figures or just a few?
    Will it be a dynamic action sequence or something more reserved like a portrait?

  • Will the piece be in full color or black & white?
    (Limited color options also available)

  • Lastly, do you want the finished painting?
    (For private commissions and portraits this is a given but may be extraneous when usage rights are enough)
    Shipping and handling included in price whenever applicable.